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Thatching Connection

About Thatching connection, we where formed to create a communication and information platform, for the thatching and lapa building industry, where consumers can be brought together in a virtual marketplace, with engineers, experts, contractors and suppliers, for the thatched roof and lapa industry, in South Africa.

After intensive market research and with personal experience of more than 18 years in the industry, many problem areas were identified in the Thatching Industry, and seeking solutions to these problems, to the benefit of consumers, became our main objective. We developed a Thatching Guide & Construction Manual that will assist you in making informed choices before buying, planning or building a thatched roof or lapa.

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Through our market research we found that people are ill informed, and firstly make wrong choices when appointing contractors for their projects. After appointing a contractor they also do not have the expertise to judge if the contractor is doing a good job of the construction or not! This is where all the information made available to you through the Thatching Guide & Construction Manual will assist you to change this tendency. The Thatching Guide & Construction Manual has comprehensive information regarding all aspects of the thatching process, which will assist you to save money and make sure you have a quality end product which you can be proud of.
We further assist consumers by linking them to reputable contractors who have a good reputation, and the background to complete projects successfully.

Our main aim is to enhance the quality of service in the industry, to the benefit of all involved, and by defining solutions on an ongoing basis, we aim to lessen the pitfalls experienced by consumers.

Other Services provided by Thatching Connection include the following:
1. Supply of CCA Treated Gumpoles and other Thatching Material
2. Drawing of customized lapa plans
3. Consultations
a.) Condition of Thatched roof and recommendations on repairs and steps to follow
b.) Disaster management of new and old Thatched roofs
c.) Maintenance and DIY maintenance that can save you thousands in years to come
d.) Inspection on constructed roofs with full report of condition and issues on roof structure
e.) Assist with planning and construction of new roofs and general construction advice
4. Training

18 Years experience in the Building and Thatching Industry

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